Saturday, May 26, 2012

'American Idol': It's Time To Say Goodbye

It tells you a lot when the highlight of the Season 11 Finale of "American Idol" was a marriage proposal by previous finalists Ace Young to Diana DeGarmo. For the fifth year in a row, the show jumped the shark—with ratings down 30% from last year—by awarding the trophy to a male act... and once again, a vocalist with little mainstream appeal.

Heard much from hillbilly crooner Scotty McCreery, last season's winner? How about Lee Dewyze? Even Kris Allen, cute as he is, was as bland as tissue paper, especially compared to runner-up Adam Lambert, whose second album "Tresspassing" debuted at No. 1 this week.

Folks, we have a geographic divide—much like the one that splits the nation politically. The 2012 runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, from what little I saw, is a 16-year-old whose big voice and ability to replicate divas like Mariah and Whitney with ease, made her a perfect candidate to be polished into a hit-making pop idol. She would have been the first female to win since Season 6's Jordin Sparks. And Phillips? How about folk alt? How about: Who cares?

The Fox singing competition has experienced ratings erosion during this entire season, its 11th. The finale was the lowest-rated closer ever, including Season One, before the fanfare began, and which aired during the summer doldrums. In addition, for the first time since it began, "American Idol" will finish the TV season in second place—behind NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”

Isn't it time to gracefully put this mother down, for good? As "The Voice," "The X Factor" and "America's Got Talent" further muddy the "talent" pool, "Idol" is drowning in its own excess. Simon Cowell knew when it was time to walk. Randy Jackson never got a clue. Take a hint from Kelly Clarkson, Fox. "A Moment Like This"... has passed. *