Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North Carolina Votes To Strip Gay Partners Of All Rights

"The rights of the minority should never be voted on by the majority." — Thomas Jefferson
The state of North Carolina has voted to constitutionally prohibit any domestic union other than a marriage between a man and a woman, the AP reports. In doing so, voters have also banned civil unions and stripped same-sex couples of domestic partnership benefits.

Voters have also eliminated health care, prescription drug coverage and other benefits for public employees and children receiving benefits through domestic partnerships. So much for the progress of civil rights in this nation...

ABC News reports, "With a little over 43% of precincts reporting, support for the amendment was strong, with about 61% of North Carolina voters casting their ballots in favor of the amendment, and roughly 39% voting against it. North Carolina is now the 30th state with a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, a new Gallup poll shows support for marriage equality steady at 50% nationwide. Both Democrats (65-34) and Independents (57-40) want same-sex marriage to be legal, but Republicans—who apparently are determined to protect their damn nation from all those queers taking over—are becoming increasingly anti-gay (22-74). Shame, shame. * (via The Randy Report)