Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Nation Divided: Page 1 Coverage Of Obama's Same-Sex Support

The day after President Barack Obama "came out" in support of same-sex marriage, I surveyed the nation's front-page newspaper coverage of the historic decision. It's astonishing how the story was covered: While the majority of the nation's states ran with a similar narrative headline "Obama Backs Gay Marriage," there were numerous dailies that either ignored the story altogether, or added a negative slant. See for yourself... *Not a word... Absurd... Yes, seals are much more significant than a national shift in civil rights...More shameful ignorance... ignoring the biggest news story of the week...Outright blasphemy, as newspapers add their personal conservative slant to the "news."Straight-ahead news coverage of the story by some of the nation's major dailies (the WSJ actually surprised me, given its consistently anti-Obama editorial coverage)...I was proud to see that my hometown newspaper The News & Advance in Lynchburg, Va., a community mired in conservatism, played the story "straight." *