Friday, May 11, 2012

Lesson Learned: Take Your Meds Before Dialing Up DJs

Let’s hope no mobile phones are allowed in prison. A Dunedin, Fla., woman was tossed in the slammer for a year after she made hundreds—as in 100s—of threatening telephone calls over a three-week period to St. Pete/Tampa Bay classic hits WXGL (The Eagle) DJs Nick Van Cleeve and John Moore.

It is alleged that Patricia Immendorf, 50, was off her rocker—and her meds—when she called the station and left messages saying she would kill the DJs and do unimaginable things to their children, according to a police report. All calls were recorded by the station.

The threats are serious business, resulting in two felony counts of aggravated stalking against the jocks. Immendorf was also sentenced to nine years of probation, in which she is ordered to “continue her mental health treatment, including taking prescribed medicine.” In addition, no booze, no firearms and no communications with anyone from Cox Media Group, nor residing within 90 miles of any Cox radio station.

In a jailhouse interview, The Tampa Bay Times reports that Immendorf, who pleaded no contest to the charges, was just doing what the DJs wanted her to, after they encouraged listeners to call in.

Meanwhile, the woman has another conundrum on her court docket, after a neighbor filed a misdemeanor stalking case against her. Neighbors, the city and police say Immendorf has fired guns in her neighborhood, aimed stereo speakers and floodlights at neighbors' houses and yelled threats and obscenities. Apparently that won't be an issue now... at least for a year. *