Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'DWTS' Jumps The Shark With Unbearable Classical Week

I just couldn't... For the life of me, despite the trusty Fast Forward button, this week's Dancing With The Stars, featuring the most god-awful pop-classical theme, was more than I could bear...

Watching William Levy and Cheryl Burke dance with dignity as some kid wailed and warbled behind them was not only degrading, but about made my ears cascade with torrents of blood...

And then after they delivered what is arguably their best dance to date, the judges shafted the couple with scores that are making it transparent that they've got a personal vendetta against Will's ongoing success.

The thought of a replay on Tuesday—where the exiting couple was announced in the last two minutes of an hour of more of the same—was beyond my capacity. But boy, Good Christian Bitches sure was good!

Obviously, as we now know, William is safe, and this week, Jaleel was tossed out. And I am finding that I just don't care... On the bright side, a promo has launched for Levy's appearance on VH1's Single Ladies. Yes, it's time to move forward! *