Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg Is At It Again With Sugar Soda Smackdown

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is bored again. Whenever that happens, count on another Nanny State law taking away civil rights from the residents of New York. He's obviously still pouting because his last attempt to tax sugar sodas was laughed out of the legislature.

But this time our closeted Queen Dictator is making sure he has the last laugh. On the table:

* From now on, all 20,000 restaurants that are graded by the city health Department, as well as food carts, movie theaters, sports stadiums and arenas can only sell 16-ounce sugary drinks.

* Large sugary coffee and tea confections are out unless they have 51%  milk.

* Stores that allow customers to draw their own drinks won’t be allowed to stock cups larger than 16 ounces.

So far, there are no restrictions on diet sodas or beverages with less than 25 calories per ounce. The fine for daring to go against NYC's Dictator: $200. On Thursday, he ranted,  while wringing his limp wrists, "Every public health expert across the country is wringing their hands. This is becoming a devastating public health issue and epidemic and you have to do something."

This latest infraction against freedom of choice, of course, joins Bloomie's previous attacks against trans-fats and salt—which included banning food donations to homeless shelters because you can’t measure the fat and salt content.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whom I am hoping will be New York's next Mayor, finds the whole ridiculous plan hard to swallow, calling it “punitive” and the wrong way to go. “Much of what the mayor’s proposed in this report are good ideas I support. That said, a ban on the size of sugared soda you can buy seems to me not empowering and not educational, but really punitive." *