Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC 2011 Gay Pride: Pridefest, West Village, Pier, Times Square

A year ago, I made the gruesome strategic error of trying to meet Ayhan during the Gay Pride March on Christopher Street. Not a savvy move. Add metal barriers to the narrow sidewalks and thousands of spectators, and you have pedestrian gridlock. There are only so many sweaty bodies one needs to rub against over the course of four hours, believe me.

This year, nephew Matty, his gal pal Jordan, Leonard and I chose the more equitable Fifth Avenue and 16th Street to observe, where we were able to maneuver, breathe, enter and exit without incident.

After 5 p.m., as the parade completed its route on Christopher Street, we walked through the six-block Pridefest street fair, down Christopher and over to the West Side Pier, to wrap up the day's festivities. A beautiful celebration and an especially historic Pride weekend.Always a pleasure to see a naked lesbian in the crowd...The crowded mess along the waterfront... We crossed the street, walked in a circle and headed back, just before they shut down the Pier because of overcrowding. Uh, no kidding. This was one destination where crowd control was seriously lacking.Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, after a sunny walk in Central Park, we ventured down Fifth Avenue to Times Square. Mob scene—in a good way.
And there he was: The Naked Cowboy, from all angles. Matty and Jordan, coming from Virginia, even know who this dude is.The gentlemen of Abercrombie & Fitch. Ooh la la!And speaking of hot guys... Hollister & Times Square boyz.During din din Thursday night at Chelsea's The Dish.