Friday, November 22, 2013

Macaroni Heaven!

As I wind down my 18-year residency (and career) in New York City over the next six weeks—and continue to hustle toward my move to Hampton Roads, Va., I'm racing to use up all of those grocery items I bought in bulk on sale—including so many boxes of elbow macaroni.

Earlier this week, I conjured my first batch ever of Macaroni Salad, mmm, mmm, good! Fortunately, I'm perfectly comfortable as a creature of habit, so eating MS every day as a side with my typical turkey sammich is perfectly satiating.

And tonight, I whipped up a miniature batch of my mama Evelyn's beloved Baked Mac & Cheese... I have a feeling this dish is not going to last through the weekend. Chomp, chomp! Delish! * Man, oh, man... Food just doesn't photograph very well, does it?!

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