Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Long, Nanny Bloomberg! 'The New Yorker' LAST STRAW Cover

January 1, 2014 will be a day of celebration in New York City, as Democrat and Brooklyn resident Bill de Blasio becomes the new mayor, putting Emperor Mike Bloomberg's endless 12-year tirade of squashing individual's civil liberties at rest, at last. The New Yorker pays tribute to Nanny Bloomie with a keen cover this week titled "The Last Straw," an obvious stab at his most ridiculous waste of time in trying to outlaw 20-ounce sugar sodas. Good riddance, Mike! Sip on this!

Meanwhile, I have to admit, this New York mag cover of the de Blasio family is a little "precious" to me. Come on, yeah, I know you're a loud and proud mixed marriage dude, but those kids... the extreme (not in the least hip) afro and your daughter's constant "flowers in my hair" hippie tribute... a bit nauseating. Let's hope you take the office of Mayor more seriously than your hipster fam, dude.

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