Friday, November 1, 2013

Ready To Smoke Again?!

Greetings, cool cats! The Smoking Nun was a daily part of my life from 2008 and forward for the next three years. And then, alas, burnout at the beginning of 2013. It didn't help that I was then devoting hours a day as lead reporter for the Brooklyn Heights Blog (no more)...

I am now feeling a sense of renewal, as I prepare to depart New York City after a glorious 18 years. Inspiration is found all around us, isn't it? For one thing, among the more popular posts I've shared on the Nun surrounds the five renovations within my Brooklyn Heights apartment.

You ain't seen nothing yet! As I hopefully close on the sale of my home of 13 years in BK and relocate to Norfolk, Va., in 1Q 2014, there's work to be done. I'm looking forward to sharing the rejuvenation of my kitchen and bathrooms there... In this grand new locale that is certainly going to be a game-changer.

Stay tuned!! It's nice to be back! P.S. I shall be posting my "10 Reasons I'm Ready To Leave NYC" that originally appeared on Facebook in the coming days. And with Celine Dion back on the scene with her first English-language album in six years coming out November 5, there is much pop culture to report.

Oh, yes! Today's mantra...

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