Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Song Of The Week: 'Say Something' From A Great Big World

It's not often that I hear a song on the radio that actually makes the world come to a complete halt for 4 minutes. Today I was listening to Fresh 102.7 New York and the station played a tune that was so haltingly beautiful, so affecting, so simple and universal, that I ran for my iPhone to track it with Songza.

New U.S. duo A Great Big World previously released a song that found its way onto TV's "Glee," from their launch album "Is There Anybody Out There?"—but when Christina Aguilera heard and fell in love with the song, it was re-recorded with her adding background vocals and found critical mass.

The piano-driven ballad oozes heartache over a breakup, as Lover 1 implores Lover 2 to say something... anything... that might save the relationship.

Indie release "Say Something" was first heard on "So You Think You Can Dance," as a dance number between competitors on the "reality" show. When Xtina performed with A Great Big World on "The Voice," it hit No. 1 on iTunes and Billboard's Digital Chart, and ultimately, the top 10 in Canada and top 20 in the U.S.

Wowsah, it's not often that I hear much on radio anymore that fuels me to head to YouTube and explore a new song. This one... is so special. *

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