Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NYC's 'Arctic Blast' In November? Here's The Ultimate Solution

Good god, almighty, could we have not at least worked our way into January before it feels like February. Here we are before the middle of November, and the weather forecast is portraying an
"Arctic Blast" that personifies one of the primary reasons I am ready to flee the Northeast.

Tuesday night just after 9:30p, it's below freezing, with a "real feel" of 22 degrees. Oh, how lovely. So I am armed and ready, preparing my consummate "winter" comfort food: a giant pot of homemade chili, complete with kidney beans, pinto beans, corn, tomato sauce, plenty of spices—and this time, fresh STEAK chopped into bite-size pieces. Cheddar cheese is at the ready for the topping.

If it has to be this friggin' cold in November, I might as well enjoy the fruits veges of a bountiful winter feast. Saltines on the side, please. Brrrrr!

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