Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Matt Zarley Ramps Up For 2014 Release Of 'Hopeful Romantic'

Over the past several years, The Smoking Nun has given round after round of applause to singer/songwriter Matt Zarley. In 2011, his "Forgive Me (For Not Forgiving You)" was No. 17 among the Taylor Top 40 for the year and "Change Begins With Me" was No. 26. And in 2008, "Had I Known" was No. 28.

And now, following his hit-packed full-length "Change Begins With Me," 2014 is looking sweet with his upcoming "Hopeful Romantic." Mr. Z was bestowed both Album and Single of the Year honors at the 2012 OutMusic Awards, and he has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to foster support for the full-length CD—collaborating with longtime producer and Grammy winner Andy Zulla—and four music videos.

First single "You Just Gotta Believe," produced by Mark Picchiotti, will be released February 4. The album and second music video are scheduled for April/May release.

Matt tells us, "Although the concept for 'Hopeful Romantic' is based on personal experience, it's a universal story told through an optimistic lens. It's about love at first sight, heartbreak, letting go and having the faith that there is somebody for all of us out there"—those same themes that made "Change" such a wondrous musical journey.

Help a brother out, you hear? Find out all about supporting Matt's Kickstarter campaign right here. And here him talk about his earnest journey as an artist here. Can't wait, cool cats!

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