Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Ole Days

It smelled wonderfully familiar... ever so much like those 14 years when I worked for Billboard, courted by every music publicist, invited to every event at every hot-spot in Manhattan. The seduction: dropping one's name at the door, the open bar, food, the privileged crowd, the beautiful people of Manhattan, living the high life. Indeed, the sweet life.

Liz D. invited me Saturday evening to a charity event at Meatpacking District hot-spot The Griffin, for, of all things, NYC's Humane Society. It sure didn't feel like a rescue attempt, but obviously most of the folks there were contributing (read: $$$$) to one of the few causes that I give a shit about: animal rescue.

Mind you, the weather in New York was dreadful. It started raining Friday night and seemed determined to decimate any potential joy from the weekend. The real issue was the wind, as if God almighty was shouting, "Har, har, your umbrellas... let me smite the shit out of them." I mean, I doubt that God says "shit," but I feel sure the intention was there. So I set out sans umbrella to the subway, and tried my best to clean up once I arrived, making a quick right for a glass of wine, followed by an immediate left to the restroom to rescue my hair.

The venue's decor resembles early 20th Century: velvet, textured walls, stunning chandeliers, comely bartenders. Everything pretty much matched: Gorgeous, meet beautiful.

Liz and I met numerous fun folks, all with exceptional hair, white, perfectly aligned teeth, good jobs and clever things to say. You think I'm being facetious? Fuck, it felt like home. I was so happy to be back in the scene, if only visiting, I'd have camped out all night. But alas, after three glasses of wine, I announced to Liz that I best depart before I took on the demeanor of overindulgence. So, twirling a beige frilly parasol that I borrowed from Liz, I made my way back to the BK. Wet, but wonderful.Above, Liz D. and meese.With her friend Toni Basil... not really. This is Colette, an artist friend of Liz's with a fabu persona.Crush! My fetish is good teeth. And he's a dentist! Dreamy.Scene...Scene II. Sigh, love...