Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile Forces

Just renewed my contract with Verizon Wireless and got a crazy sweet new phone, after investigating every wireless option out there, from Boost and MetroPCS to T-Mobile (sorry AT&T, the iPhone is cute, but service blows). I'm so damn well-versed about cell service now that I could rewrite Consumer Reports and CNET. Lots of options, but in NY's cement city, service counts most, so Verizon triumphs again.

Thought it'd be coolio to line up every phone I've owned since adopting mobile at the millennium's dawn. Hard to fathom that in 2000, cells were still a luxury. Today, texting is as ubiquitous as email.Above, my previous four babies. Below, the new Razzle, with a novel twist bottom. Music on one side, and my first QWERTY keyboard on the other. Love it!