Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Valerie Harper In Out

I just can't get enough of Valerie Harper these days. Last week she was on "Good Morning America," hawking her new Broadway play, "Looped," at the Lyceum Theatre. Ironically, Ayhan, who had never heard of "Rhoda" until a month ago when I started yakking about watching reruns on Tivo, along with her co-starring role in the Neil Simon flick "Chapter Two" and whatever other appearance Tivo laps up ("That 70s Show")... and he ended up bartending the opening night show.

Guess who's digging on Valerie now? Ayhan reports that the show is wickedly decadent, as Harper conjures Tallulah Bankhead, drinking, cursing and smoking. My kind of gal! She appears in this month's Out magazine, handing out naughty quotes and loving on the gays. All the more my kind of lady.