Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Soapbox

SHUT UP & GET BACK TO WORK: More than 1,100 flights have been grounded in the U.K. because of a three-day strike by cabin crew of the nation's largest airline, British Airways. Some 10,000 staffers walked off the job because the struggling airline insisted on a pay freeze in 2010 and a reduction in crew sizes from 15 to 14 on long-haul flights from Heathrow.

Waaaah! Get back to work, dumbasses. Have you read a newspaper over the past 18 months? While many North American and European companies continue to downsize workforces, those in the fragile airline industry in particular should thank the high heavens that they still have jobs to go to. A pay freeze? My god, how fortunate you are not to face wage cuts and/or massive layoffs. By the way, these workers are guaranteed a pay increase in 2013/14 of 4%.

One fool on Yahoo commented, "Good for the crew. Passengers and management have no idea what it is to be a flight attendant. A flight attendant is a doctor, nurse, bartender, mom, dad, police officer, cook, ramp agent, etc. They have to understand the safety material for every aircraft they fly; and also they put their lives in risk everyday, remember 9/11." Oh my god, that changes everything. You mean they actually have to work for a living, in addition to looking pretty? Duh!

HEALTHCARE: With Democrats expected to vote yea on the healthcare bill today, does this mean President Obama might now focus on something that Americans give a shit about? For instance, is he aware that there is a protest taking place in Washington this weekend, where thousands are begging for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and Afghanistan, along with the promised shuttering of Guantanamo? Oh, and boss, remember Don't Ask Don't Tell? P.S. 10% of Americans are out of work.WALMART NON-NEWS: On Thursday, I hollered at the media for making news out of the non-story that black folks were asked to leave a Walmart in southern Jersey. I wrote, "Is there any doubt that some dumbass kid saw an opportunity at an open mic—that this was obviously not sanctioned by corporate?" Sure enough, a 16-year-old has been arrested(!) for the stupid stunt, charged with "bias and intimidation and harassment." He could face up to a year in a juvenile detention center.

The best part: the kid actually bragged about the prank on Facebook. Wow, I can't wait until this lug nut generation is caring for me in the nursing home in 30 years.