Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Dear: Aguleira Rediscovers Inner Whore

We'd come so far... After "Dirrty" was a flop back in 2002, you'd done so well classing it up and letting your vocal ability do the talking, dear Xtina. Now, with upcoming "Bionic," due in June, it seems your inner whore is determined to cheapen all the progress you've made.

Honey bunny, you've got talent. You can sing. You don't need to resort to gimmicks to regain top 40's favor. Just deliver us a good song. Have you been listening to Lady Gaga? She's not pretty, but boy, those choruses deliver, girl. And BTW, you know, you're 29. Maybe it's time to hang up the bustier.Geez, the only thing more horrifying than the single artwork to "Not Myself Tonight" is the ghastly cover for the full disc. You've gone from trollop to granny. Youch!