Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Hour Friday: Duke's

Friday marked the latest in our now bi-weekly happy hour gathering. For the first time ever, the minions dared to venture above 14th Street, to Duke's, a southern-bred BBQ joint on 19th and Park Avenue. First discovery: Happy hour covered beer only, not booze. I was no longer feeling happy. Sorry, but if you can't muster drink specials for hooch on a Friday afternoon, with my current income status, I'd rather hop on the wagon than pay $12. And so I did. Simply, I did not drink. (God, did I really just say that?)

Nonetheless, it was good times with my peeps, as I rehearsed my spanking new skill: During Census training Friday, we learned how to fingerprint, as we launch into training of enumerators next week, each of whom must be sworn in and fingerprinted as federal employees. So I swiped each peep's prints, providing them a souvenir of their digits.Below, Rachel gets fingered.