Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lunacy @ Klimat, March 6, 2010

The first thing we whispered upon settling in at East Village wine and beer bar Klimat for our new every-other Friday happy hour: "This place is too nice for the likes of us." Beautiful decor, with colorful pillows against wooden benches, brick walls, wooden accents and velvet curtains, and a fabulous square table near the front window (where we're sitting) amid a quiet, elegant ambiance.

And the service: Wowsa. Friendly, helpful, attentive. I sampled three red wines before nodding on my selection. Two-for-one, so $4.50 each. Workable. No plastic cups here. An absolutely divine experience. We cleaned up nice for the place.(Of course, that didn't stop us from a 20-minute discussion of high-end Toto toilets that spray water up your behind. Hey, we can't change overnight.)