Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gays Out In Force For Rodiney Santiago

As haughty as New York gays are about Logo's reality sissy-fest "The A List: New York," we certainly turned out in full force at Boxer's queer bar in Chelsea Monday night, for the release of Rodiney Santiago's 2011 calendar.

Perhaps that is because Rod is not only the most beautiful among the boys featured on the show, but the only sympathetic character—frequently looking wounded if not befuddled by the nasty, fast-talking queens determined to take him down and hijack his relationship with Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Wait a second... Am I actually trying to intellectualize the show? Now who's a patsy?

Last night, the majority of "The A List" was in the house, with a sweet, ever-patient Santiago standing for hours to have his picture taken with every gay in the house. He is one helluva beautiful man, does seem to be sincere and kind, and is the single reason I still have that bitchy show on Tivo season pass. I dragged pal Timmy out for all the hijinx, in beautiful living color below.