Saturday, July 2, 2011

Typical Of U.S. Media: DSK Convicted Before Facts Are Gathered. And Now We Know... His Accuser Is A Hooker, Liar And Serial Schemer

It never made much sense that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a high-powered politico and potential presidential candidate in France, would sexually assault a hotel maid, mosey down the elevator to have lunch with his daughter and show no signs of ill at ease, instead of fleeing the "scene of the crime."

Unfortunately, it's an everyday occurrence for the U.S. media to jump at the first tasty morsel of a scandal, without considering that there are two sides to every egregious charge.

With DSK already deemed guilty in the court of public opinion, he was forced to resign as head of the International Monetary Fund, while his near shoe-in opportunity to become France's next president was decimated. Meanwhile, he was forced to post $6 million in cash bail & bond, remaining on house arrest in Manhattan for six weeks following the attempted rape charge.

As we now know, his accuser is a serial liar, schemer—and a hooker. The 32-year-old cleaning lady accused Strauss-Kahn of chasing her through his hotel suite, yanking down her pantyhose, grabbing her breasts and knocking her down, then forcing her to perform oral sex. She claims she suffered bruises and torn ligaments in the "attack."

DSK: Finally freed from house arrest.

This week, the woman admitted to a laundry list of fraudulent schemes. She made up a story about being gang raped and beaten in her homeland of Guinea to enhance her application for political asylum in 2004. She cheated on her taxes, misstating income so she could live in a low-income apartment. She claimed someone else's child as her own dependent on tax returns to get a hefty refund. She banked $100,000 for a boyfriend imprisoned in Arizona for drug dealing.

Guilty before any modicum of evidence is gathered...
And worst of all, she lied about what happened after she had sex with the French politico. Instead of fleeing to a hallway, she cleaned another room, then tidied his suite before conjuring the idea to cash in—and contacting a supervisor.

Days after Strauss-Kahn's arrest, she phoned her drug dealer pal and told him, "Don't worry, he has a lot of money"—recognizing the American media would side with the "victim" before any modicum of evidence or impropriety had been presented.

Several years ago, Celine Dion's husband Rene Angelil was accused of fondling a woman in a hotel. Not only did it never occur, but she was revealed as a chronic schemer. That didn't stop accusatory headlines from potentially destroying his reputation.

Likewise, there's the recent high-profile case in New York of a woman so drunk that she blacked out, who accused a cop of raping her. It was tried in court and not one iota of evidence pointed to anything of the sort. While the accused police officer was found innocent after weeks of testimony, a cadre of angry women picketed, demanding "justice" for the accuser!

Unfortunately, the U.S. media is unlikely to recognize that it is ultimately to blame for fostering an environment where preposterous stories like these are taken at face value. And it diminishes the credibility of real instances of sexual assault, thanks to dishonest people realizing that a simple allegation of "he disrespected me" is going to engender sympathy for the "victim."

The truth is a mere afterthought to a juicy headline. The U.S. should be ashamed of itself.