Thursday, March 8, 2012

ABC's New 'GCB' Is A Delectable Sunday Night Dish

ABC's bid to replace the creaky old Desperate Housewives is a stitch a minute. The Kristen Chenoweth vehicle Good Christian Bitches (GCB), which debuted Sunday at 10 p.m., takes a decadent look at a posse of affluent Dallas housewives who hide their Gucci, Botox and a plenitude  of wickedness behind the guise of being pious church-going ladies.

Alongside the ever-delicious Chenoweth (whom I adored in the short-lived Pushing Daisies), the hour-long soap stars Leslie Bibb and (fab) Annie Potts, and tells the story of Amanda (Bibb), a recently widowed mother of two who returns to the South to the land of faux piety. There's even a closeted gay husband who is lovin' on his sexy ranch hand... and plenty of other hot men, led by David James Elliott (see the guys at Homorazzi here).

Ratings for the first episode were middlin', with 7.6 million viewers tuning in, placing it a distant second behind CBS' CSI: Miami, with 10 million. Adding to the challenge: Evangelist Bible-thumpers in the South may not find it particularly amusing to see themselves portrayed in such a light. In fact, under the pressure of a few finks, Kraft has already yanked ads for its Philly Cream Cheese.

I'm totally gunning for this cheesy new Dallas meets Desperate Housewives meets Sex & The City to flourish. Let the bitches rule the South. *