Monday, March 5, 2012

Sign Of The Times: A Downtown Stroll Through Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn—which I fell madly in love with in 2010 strolling down Fulton Mall while working for the U.S. Census Bureau—is in the midst of major gentrification. In the past month, Gap opened a massive Factory Store there, with H&M and TJ Maxx on the way later this year.

While it's nice to see the once-decaying area return to life, it's also sad to witness the typical fallout that comes in every neighborhood on the rise: the shuttering of local businesses, who can no longer afford escalating rents.

So before I bid a final farewell to the fabulous array of wig stores, pawn shops, bodegas and discount vendors, I took another trip with camera in hand to capture what I suspect is going to look very different a year from now. With love to downtown BK. *