Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheers!: 'New York' Mag Names Flaming Saddles Best NYC Gay Bar

I'll certainly drink to that! After only four months in business, Hell's Kitchen raucous gay cowboy bar was named Best Gay Bar in New York magazine's annual Best Of New York issue. Back in December when I ventured in for a first hoedown visit with pals Bob & Tim, I was instantly seduced by the sexy bartenders who strut their stuff behind and on top of the bar.

During prime time, every 10 to 15 minutes, several climb atop the wooden bar and dance in unison to the down-home country music playing on the digital jukebox. Hot! Fun! Sweet as sugar. And, as I wrote then, how refreshing to go to a gay joint where the staff is actually... gay, with tight-fitting jeans, friendly smiles and a generous pour.

Two weeks later, upon my second visit, I declared, "Among bars above the West Village, Splash is feeling long in the tooth, G Lounge is entirely too haughty, Boxers is fab but a tad generic... And thus, Flaming Saddles is the new top dog among queer bars." Nice for New York mag to catch up with The Smoking Nun, eh? *