Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zombies Invade Brooklyn Heightz... Uh, Heights!!

Filming for a New York Lottery commercial overtook Brooklyn Heights Tuesday March 20, along the neighborhood's main shopping drag of Montague Street. This morning, the action was focused on a vehicle with smashed windshield and a felled lamp-post. Ouch!

By mid-afternoon, the storyboard had evolved to a crowd of zombies collected around a newspaper vendor site (with a car now completely overturned), apparently consumed with deadly desire to purchase NYC lottery tix. Meanwhile, a mob of ghoulish extras sat along the corner of Henry Street in front of NY Kids Club—there's something deliciously ironic there—waiting their turn as the action progressed. I can only hope they chewed up a misbehaved precocious child or two.

At least a hundred or so locals gathered at the scene to gaze upon the zombie spectacle, where I was, as always, armed with my Nikon D5000. Good one, for sure. *