Monday, March 26, 2012

Tonight: Week Two of William Levy On 'Dancing With The Stars'!

Tonight, March 26, is the second episode of Season 14's Dancing With The Stars, starring William Levy. Our man certainly made a splash last week swaying his hips with partner Cheryl Burke as the audience erupted into near-orgasmic screams.

That means the pressure is on this week, as the couple prepares for its "quickstep" routine Monday. Burke told TV Guide, "It's tough because everyone started earlier on their second dances because they had the full three weeks, so we're really working hard to make sure it's as perfect as can be."

She added that the two are focusing on Will's technique: "I think everyone knows he can do the Latin dances and move his hips, but he needs to be able to do both styles of dances. This week will be crucial for everyone. I think some people may be better in Latin than ballroom and vice versa. Normally, you know the first few who might go, but we have no idea this season. Tuesday's gonna be so nerve-wracking."

Although the judges seemed to adore her last week, my money is still on exactly what I stated last week: Despite scoring the highest, contestant Katherine Jenkins looks like a Barbie doll... and her performance left me non-plussed. If the audience has any say, she needs to go first. In any case, I cannot wait to see Will in action. At last... The Nun's Sexiest Man Alive is a nationwide sensation.

See his profile on ABC's Good Morning America here. And below, scenes from the red carpet after week one's episode.*