Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jason Mecier's Whitney Houston Portrait: Collage Of Prescription Pills

Now that Whitney Houston has been buried, bless her heart, it's appropriate for the reverent tributes to be supplanted with a little tough love... We all know that despite her wondrous gifts, Whit has been a mess for more than a decade and that Celine Dion is right: Ultimately, drugs killed the 48-year-old singer.

And so... how brilliant is this? Artist Jason Mecier, who creates celebrity collages from unexpected materials—circuit boards for Lady Gaga, bathroom notions for Carol Channing, household doodads for Tina Fey—has come up with a series of homages to those that left us too soon, including Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger and now, Whitney Houston. Her portrait is constructed out of brightly colored prescription pills. Genius. *