Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where Have I Been? The Kids Are All Right...

Avid followers of The Smoking Nun—both of you—may have noticed that lately, posts have dwindled down from capturing as much pop culture news as I could muster to a scant few a day, at best. It's all good, cool cats, and wow, thank you so much for your concern... I mean, you are concerned, yes? Perhaps even feeling a little neglected? Lonely? An occasional tear in your beer?

Truly, it's a simple matter of redirecting my words elsewhere, though I still love and adore each and every one of youse. My new part-time gig writing five hours a day, five days a week for, is going boffo, allowing a hearty return to my Billboard roots as I report on breaking news about the broadcast industry and add to the site music news, as well.

Meanwhile, I've become a regular (paid) correspondent and photog for the Brooklyn Heights Blog, reporting on the neighborhood that I so love, as well as coverage of neighboring Cobble Heights on its own blog. My camera is with me every time I step aside, and I'm writing as many as five posts or more a day... and loving every minute. I feel like a bloodhound every time I turn the corner of my nabe.

Add to that enough freelance work to keep my fingers drumming the keyboard, and I'm actually making a living. It's all good. Hugs and shit! *