Monday, March 12, 2012

Who’da Thunk It: 62 Degrees In New York City In Mid-March!

With temperatures soaring into the low 60s today in Brooklyn—when the mean average is typically 48 degrees F—local restaurants were quick to indulge midday foodies in outdoor seating along Montague Street. It appears that after the gentle winter of 2011/2012, Spring may truly be arriving ahead of its calendar date of Tuesday, March 20. Oh, joy!

The week ahead is looking even more temperate: Tuesday’s expected high is 71 degrees and Wednesday’s is 66, before dipping into the high 50s until next Monday, when we again return to the glorious 60s.

I took advantage of the wondrous day with a long walk through Downtown Brooklyn, shopping for essentials, followed by a zig-zag along Brooklyn Heights' neighboring Cobble Hill. Who could ask for more? *