Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celine Dion Scraps Vegas Shows Through June: On Vocal Rest

God bless Celine Dion. And more so, those thousands of poor folks traveling from all over the world just to see her phenomenal sold-out Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace.

Celine was diagnosed with a viral illness and weakness in her right vocal cord during an examination at UCLA Medical Center Monday, and ordered to rest her voice for six to eight weeks. She won't resume performances until June 9.

On her webbie Tuesday, the savior of Vegas entertainment said, "I tried to sing at my sound check last week, and had no control of my voice whatsoever. We thought after a few days' rest I would improve, but it wasn't getting any better." She added, "I feel worse knowing I'm disappointing my fans. I'm so sorry... I hope they forgive me."

Dion's three-year residency at Caesars began last March, with tickets going as high as $250 a pop. Her previous run at Caesars Palace, "A New Day," drew 3 million fans from 138 countries between 2003 and 2007, sold out 723 times and grossed more than $400 million. Tickets for the canceled performances will be refunded. Dion's next run of performances is scheduled from June 9 to Aug. 19.

Meanwhile, a new Celine waxie was revealed at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds last week... pretty stunning job, I'd say. *