Saturday, October 20, 2012

Best Global Magazine Covers: October 2012

Our monthly look at magazine covers around the world reveals somewhat slim pickings for the beginning of fall 2012... Where are all the sexy guys? We do have David Beckham on Europe's Esquire, but really, can't we do better... while Colin Farrell—looking a bit overly airbrushed—casts an odd expression on Men's Health overseas (also appearing on Details). Adele continues to dazzle on Rolling Stone. And Brazil's edition of Billboard offers a fun mash-up of Lady Gaga and Madonna. On the cover of Elle, Britney Spears has never looked more comely.

The celeb that appears on more covers this month than any other: Blake Lively, who begins a new season of Gossip Girl, in addition to her recent nuptials with perpetually gorgeous Ryan Reynolds. Daniel Craig is runner-up, as promotional wheels start turning for upcoming bond flick Skyfall (whose kickass new theme is sung by Adele).

Looking ahead, here's hoping that as the WB's Arrow gains traction, we'll be seeing Stephen Amell begin to grace covers of Men's Health, Men's Fitness... and The Smoking Nun's roster of candidates for 2012's Sexiest Men Alive.

And speaking of, we certainly can't leave out the best mag cover of the month: William Levy's appearance on People En Espanol as its encore Sexiest Man of the Year. Oh, yes! *