Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five Decades Od Decadence @ Fontana's NYC

On Friday, September 28, I celebrated my humble lil' birthday that ended with a "0" with a grand celebration at Fontana's Bar on New York's Lower East Side. Man, these pics are less than comprehensive. Unfortunately, some guests appear in no pics, while other images were so dark that I had to do major digital enhancing.

Likewise, sigh... many that promised to show up... simply didn't. Par for the course, as we all recognize, and so I shall revel in the good and positive, and understand that you've got to dismiss regrets and be grown up enough to accept that some folks you thought were by your side for the long term have, in fact, turned a page. And so shall I. Such is life. So now, let's make a joyful noise for the wondrous celebration that ensued. *