Saturday, October 6, 2012

There May Be Hope Yet For G**gle's Hijacking Of Blogger Writers...

As I posted Saturday, I was stunned to discover that out of nowhere, Blogger owner G**gle had issued a moratorium on posting any more photos to The Smoking Nun, unless I agreed to pay up $5 a month for the rest of the life of this blog. Nothing doing... Not only is this another example of the danger of one company possessing too much power, but it reverses a previous policy of linking a G**gle gmail address with Blogger and unlimited storage on (G**gle's) Picasa for photos.

This morning, I received an email from a friendly gay blogger who has dealt not only with this issue, but other egregious meddling from Big Brother G**gle. I hope to utilize his suggestions in the next couple days to resolve this hideous issue... *