Friday, October 5, 2012


Whoa! For the past four years, I've loaded photos at will on Blogger's The Smoking Nun here. As I attempted to add a half-dozen pics to a post about my birthday party last Friday, I was informed that G**gle has decided I've used more space than I'm entitled to—requiring me to pay a monthly fee to continue posting images "across all G**gle products."

While I own this same domain on Wordpress, I've always found Blogger (owned by G**gle) simpler and more user-friendly to use for a simple blog such as The Nun. Now I will reconsider my options. This is another example of how too much power by a single entity crushes the little guy. I'm incensed, and the idea of paying $5 a month (with no annual plan as an option) is utterly demonic. *