Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vintage Victory! The Ambassador Double Burger & Sandwich Maker

As an ever-resourceful shopper, one of my favorite destinations is Unique Thrift Store in Downtown Brooklyn. Last week I gamboled around the premises for goodies and happened upon a vintage double burger cooker/sandwich maker that had to have been from the late 1970s.

When I opened the box, I was giddily amazed to discover that the item had never been used. All of the original packing was in place, it was pristine clean and even included the little recipe booklet. It was almost too good to be true. Perhaps the only thing better was the price: $7.99. Oh, come on, how could I resist?

Not only is the Ambassador "Burger & Sandwich Maker Double Size" capable of cooking burgers in one minute, but you can also make grilled cheese sandwiches and tuna melts, while using the "grill" to cook eggs, bacon and steaks. Eureka!

Once I brought my prize home, I searched the web for retro ads and any info I could find about the appliance... I found nothing, except one newspaper advert from a department store in 1978 offering the item on sale for $24.88.

On Friday, I cooked my first burger, and indeed it was better than any previous means I've used with modern technology. George Foreman Grill is a mess to try and clean, while a frying pan makes a spattered mess of the simple task. Of course, there are comparable devices made today, but every once in a while, they got it right way back when. And retro... even better. Delish! *