Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Say Hello to eBay's New Logo

As technology continues to evolve at the speed of light, all things gotta change, cool cats. Today, eBay has introduced a spanking new logo, which, natch, is accompanied by numerous changes to its webbie. Nearly two decades since the merchant's founding, it has also introduced the "eBay Feed," a personalized page of items you might be interested in, arranged in the Pinterest, pinboard-style of image tiles. Just like so many other sites, eBay now knows who you are, based on your searching history.

In addition, it is supposedly overhaulings its search function for better speed and accuracy in the coming weeks, although one major new advantage is already in place: It allows users to connect with (its) Paypal without having to transfer to the separate site and sign in, which was always a bit cumbersome. See eBay's explanation of all new things here, which outlines all just-introduced and coming enhancements.

Mind you, there's still no cure for eBay's most egregious sin: When you sell an item on the site, it takes it portion of the net, of course... But what I have always found just plain hateful is that when that payment tranfers to Paypal (an eBay sister), you are again charged against the full price of the item sold... meaning that not only does eBay swipe its 20%, but Paypal, in turn, grabs a larger percentage of the full selling price. In essence, it's double taxation. So wrong.

All the same, as a regular eBay peddler who has tried all the competitors—iOffer, Bonanza, etsy and even evil Amazon—the traffic speaks for eBay. It still rules the roost. And so I crow... silently into the darkness. *