Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Shutters Brooklyn Height's Retail Corridor

Taking a walk up Brooklyn Height's primary business corridor Monday afternoon, a vast majority of restaurants and retailers along Montague Street were good and shuttered for the day. Even Starbucks was closed—as are all of its shops in NYC.

A sprinkling remained open: bar Custom House, coffee shop Connecticut Muffin, fast foodie Subway, full-service delis Lassen & Hennig, Heights Deli & Convenience and Montague Street Bagels, eatery Le Pain Quotidien,  and, uh (WTF?), Verizon Wireless. Local grocery Key Food was also open, with a looong line out the door as customers were methodically let in.

Several businesses had taped their windows in anticipation of potential 80 mph winds, which as of 4 p.m., we have yet to see. So far, intermittent rain, occasional gusts of wind, a lot of leaves strewn about... and the threat of the worst to come after dark tonight around 8. The only damage seen… so far… was a toppled newspaper box at one street corner and a few random branches on the street. Stay tuned for more pics as the adventure continues. *