Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anti-Smoking Freaks Rewrite History

Anti-smoking fanatics are irritating enough, waving their hands about and scowling self-righteously as if an elephant passed gas, but one has now crossed the line into utter folly. An iconic 1948 image of Winston Churchill offering the "V" for victory sign stripped the war hero's trademark stogy from an exhibit at the British WWII Museum.

This isn't the first such travesty... Allposters.com and the USPS have committed similar egregious acts against Paul McCartney, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn and Robert Johnson.

Ironically, museum curators neither noticed nor endorsed the wrecked alteration of Churchill. Visitor David McAdam pointed it out: "Viewing the disfigured image reveals how unhinged the vociferous anti-smoking lobby has become. So much for the notion that only communist tyrants airbrushed history," he noted.

When did cigarette smoking become a moral issue instead of a health concern? For the moment, at least, smoking tobacco is still legal, though I'm expecting NY Mayor Bloomberg to dream up a DWS (Driving While Smoking) law any day now... Enough meddling, already.
And speaking of smokes, congrats to New York state for a law passed on Monday raising the state's $2.75/pack tax on cigarettes by $1.60. New York City already taxes ciggies, so with city, state and fed taxes, a pack now costs $6.85—in taxes alone.

The nitwits insist this will raise $290 million a year, which will go a long, long way toward eradicating the state's $9.2 billion deficit. Sorry, suits, all you're doing is robbing yourself of any income, thanks to discount-cigarettes-store.com.