Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Your NYC Nanny Calling (Again)

"Hello? This is your nanny, New York City, calling. You've been a bad boy. You think as an adult, we're going to let you make choices for yourself? No sir, we know better." And the city is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to prove it.

Since September, the NYC Board of Health has mandated that a series of repulsive "public service" posters insinuating that smoking will make your teeth fall out and fingers fall off, must be displayed at the cash register of any vendor selling smokes.

The city claims that smoking kills more New Yorkers than AIDS, drugs, homicide and suicide combined. But what about calories? Isn't that why they forced restaurants to post detailed food content information on POP signs last year?

Please, NYC, I am capable of deciding how I want to spend my money. Leave me the fuck alone and spend some money on restoring subway service—so I won't be so damn frustrated I want to pull out that ciggie.P.S. Ronald Reagan died at the age of 91 from Alzheimers.