Friday, June 25, 2010

Karine Hannah Wows Metropolitan Room

It was a thrill a minute as dear Karine Hannah returned to New York's Metropolitan Room for a set of 1970s/early 1980s "AM Radio" favorites, all originally sung by dudes. As always, her voice rattled the rafters and tickled the tiles—her amazing ability to sing with robust force and then the utmost subtlety makes her one of the finest vocalists I have ever heard. I cried a river, as usual.Above, Sandra Bernhard was in the house for the show (bless her heart, she forgot to change out of her nightgown); below, Leonard traveled from the Hamptons to join Ayhan & meese for some Karine lovin'.Tinatin—and her mom, visiting from Moscow, were also in on the fun.Below, Karine shows off those pipes that I treasure, with the gorgeous "C'est La Vie."And here, Dan Hill's classic "Sometimes When We Touch."(B&W photos: Mike Caffrey)