Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Greatest Household Product Ever Made

Forget any other household product. I haven't used Handi-Wipes in a good 25 years—until my dearest Donna witnessed me bypass them because I wasn't willing to get off a dime and pay $3 for what I regarded as a reusable paper towel. If only I'd known!

But these puppies are the shit: an ultimate duster, wiper and cleaning product. How can there not be a Wikipedia entry for this miracle? There is, however, this:

"The ever-increasing use of paper towels, paper napkins and such help destroy our forests. But the Clorox Co. of Oakland, Calif., created the non-woven absorbent Handi-Wipes. These soft, thin cloths measure 21x11 inches, a convenient size. It does not self destruct when wet or pressure wiped on tough spots. And hello! It is machine washable and reusable!"

I think that says it all. Who needs an iPad? I have Handi Wipes.