Monday, June 28, 2010

The Smoking Nun's New Design

It was looking hairy for a bit, but as Blogspot has evolved into Blogger and all but insists you change templates or any upgrades will leave you in the dark ages, last night, I adopted The Smoking Nun's third template since I started this madness more than two years ago. But because I only kinda sorta know what the hell I'm doing, the next thing I knew, I suddenly had a pink blog and had lost all of that fun shit that cascades down the right column.

Thankfully, it was saved elsewhere and once I restored a new template, all was again right with the world. It took hours to customize the background back to black and choose colors for every element that you see... and finally, tonight, I figured out how to stretch The Smoking Nun banner across the entire page.

I hope this makes it easier to read—with a new text font, colors that are easy on the eye and wider margins that allow videos to display in full. As always, I'd like to think it's not graphic fanfare, but words that keep you coming back. Thanks for reading. 20,000+ views to date!