Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conran's Appalling Sofa: Yours For $7,000

I've been shopping for a new sofa for the past eight months—and given my tentative finances, price is paramount. However, sometimes you find something that's simply... priceless: such as the Squint Oswald sofa available from Conran.

This god-awful high-design monstrosity, which will set you back a laughable $7,000 (plus tax & delivery), is described by Conran: "The classically elegant design of the Oswald sofa has been upholstered in a unique patchwork of vibrant colors and stripes to create a bespoke one-off model."

Who the hell uses the word "bespoke"? And I take it "one-off" is their way of saying, "So ugly they only made one."

So Brooks Brothers at last has competition for ugliest fabric design.