Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New York Newsstands: Then & Now

Time was newsstands were a mainstay of New York's urban landscape, to grab a pack of smokes and a magazine before boarding the subway. Today, god forbid you share air with another; and as for the precious printed word, iPad, anyone?Above, a typical Manhattan stand, in 1935.Operators once owned their newsstands, like this one previously located at First Avenue and 79th Street, paying the city $1,000 for two-year licenses.In 2003, New York emperor Mike Bloomberg forced operators to work out of generic city-owned newsstands at no cost, making such cool structures as the one formerly at Second Avenue and 67th Street a bygone relic.In 2006, Bloomberg lined his pockets by hiring a single contractor to build 300 non-descript newsstands throughout the city. The result is this metal menace. (Photos: Flickr/New York Times)