Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Of The Day: Snig's Spot

On the surface, Mrs. Snig and I don't seems to share a lot in common: rural Georgia vs. New York City, conservative vs. liberal, Southerner vs. transplanted Yankee... This lady is proud of her guns and her Confederate flag.

But her blog's mantra—"We use the words Shugah, Y'all & Darlin' a lot. Don't be fooled by our drawl: We may talk slow, but we think fast"—and there you have it. She's clever, smart, balls to the wall, and funny as hell. What more of a bond do we need?

And get this. A year ago, she sent me a note cautioning that in a picture I had posted on The Nun where I was sitting in a restaurant paying the bill, one could actually decipher my credit card number. I thought that was awfully neighborly. Check out Snig's Spot. You'll fall in love, too.