Monday, April 25, 2011

High Line Encore: A Year Later, A Lot Colder (But Still Inspiring)

It was a year ago to the week that I went to the beautiful High Line Park with Leonard—and what a difference a year makes. No, I'm not talking about how the foliage has grown and matured. Last April, it was sunny, warm, packed with pepes and trees were in full bloom.

This time around, with Donna Mae Moose, Timmy & Bobby, it was cold, windy & gray, with only daffodils & a few tufts of grass offering a hint of life. This zig-zag of warm-cold-warm-cold is certainly nothing new in NYC. It's just tough to accept that never again, following the endless winter of 2011, will it be warm for more than a day at a time in the new Arctic Northeast.
Onward to the Meatpacking District, where we'd planned to sit outside, have a margarita and people watch. However, when it's 38 degrees, not so much to see. You see. (Photos: The Smoking Nun, Donna Mae Kendrick)