Sunday, April 17, 2011

NYC Vintage Image Of The Day: Newspaper Row

It started a couple years ago when I began scouring the internet for vintage photographs of my beloved Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., taking then-and-now picolas (such as the "little house that could" on left).

Among my fave Nun posts are the NY Subway from 1904- present and Monday's NYC 1974... With a heaping archive of sensational old-time New York City photos, it's time to make good use of them.

I've decided to add a new daily feature to The Smoking Nun, cool cats: a New York "Vintage Image Of The Day," to share my hundreds of compiled images. And away we go...

Newspaper Row in downtown Manhattan across from City Hall, was the world-class base of much of New York's press corps from 1840 to the 1920s, including The New York Times, Associated Press and Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and Hearst's New York Journal, along with such global publications as the Portuguese O Novo Mundo, Scottish American Journal, German-language New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, Irish Sentinal and many others. Photo: 1912.
The two commanding structures of the early 20th Century were the Beaux-Arts style Park Row Building, which, at 30 stories, was the tallest structure in the world between 1899 and 1908 (today it houses J&R Music World) and the Classic Revival 26-story St. Paul Building, completed in 1889 and named for St. Paul's Chapel across the street.