Thursday, April 14, 2011

Please Check Out 'Ham On Wry': 'Commentary with a Twist'

My longtime pal Alice Carter is a woman of pristine breeding, good humor and an intellectual bent. Mercy, she reminds me so of meese. I've been assisting her in establishing her spanking newbie blog "Ham On Wry" (fucking great moniker), and even designed her header.

Now it's up to youse to see just how smart and funny Alice is, by taking a look at her blog and perhaps becoming a follower. She lives in Florida, which is riddled with political corruption via Gov. Rick Scott, which she'll be eying closely. It's all about current events, pop culture and her observations on life at large. While we're at it, here are two other blogs that I live and love on a weekly basis. Snigs' Spot is one of the first blogs I ever became a fan of, penned by a woman who might be considered my polar opposite: a conservative, southern mom living in suburban Georgia, whose header even offers a Confederate flag. She's funny as shit, delivering daily observations on her life, family and quest to become a professional nurse. We've actually connected one on one through the years. She's dear... and pretty damn cool. The Beaten Hamster, composed by my pal Chris Howell, originates from my hometown of Lynchburg, Va., and discusses her daily journey through life and career, with its universal frustrations and triumphs. It's written in a highly personal style—as if you're having a conversation with a friend. Take a read, and you'll believe you've known Chris for years.