Sunday, April 10, 2011

NYC Councilman Comrie Blames McDonald's For Fact That He's Fat

A morbidly obese New York City Councilman believes it should be illegal for McDonald's to include toys with Happy Meals—because he's a fat fuck!

In another example of New York becoming the nation's runner up Nanny State behind meddlesome Cali, Queens' Councilman Leroy Comrie intends to legislate what should be parental responsibility. The fatty tips the scale at a death-defying 320 pounds.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has already turned the city into a civil rights-defying locale on everything from salt and trans fats to cigarette smoking and sugar sodas, hastily enacting laws to mandate what's good for you... and what's not.

Now, the grotesque Queens politico is steamrolling momentum for a ludicrous law that would only allow toys to be included in kid's meals under 500 calories or with <500mg of salt. McD's already offers a Happy Meal where parents can substitute apple dippers for fries. Violators would be fined up to $500.

"If we can get fast food companies to create nutritious meals where children could receive toys, they would be just as excited," Comrie said. Yeah, right. Here's the real deal: The fleshball admits he gobbled down Happy Meals as a child and lets his fat kids do the same. Since he possesses no self restraint or parenting skills, a law should do it for him.

Stating the obvious, he adds, "Clearly, my weight has always been an issue, and it's something that has given me the impetus to do this bill." He called fast food restaurant toys "predatory."

Comrie didn't hesitate to play the weary race card, whining, “Ads and meals are targeted in low income and minority neighborhoods already at risk for childhood obesity. These communities have limited access to supermarkets (and) healthy food options." Simply, that is a lie.

The New York State Restaurant Assn.,  opposes robbing parents of choice. "We need to find a more effective way to combat obesity than taking toys away from children and choices away from their parents," a spokesman says. Try telling that to an overzealous city government.